• Q: If I submit a video during application, do I still need to come for a face-to-face audition?

    • A: Yes, you do. The video screening is just the initial stage of the audition process. In order to be considered for OMM membership, you need to complete the live audition.

  • Q: What must I play for the video screening?

  • Q: Must my unaccompanied work be exactly 5 minutes long for the video screening?

    • A: It is alright as long as the video is between 3-6 minutes long in duration. If you have further doubts, do write in to enquiries@orchestra.sg

  • Q: What if I cannot access musical instruments to do a video recording?

    • A: If you are a percussionist, you are exempt from the video screening. Please fill in the Audition Form as per normal.

    • If you are not a percussionist, please fill in the Audition Form and indicate why you have difficulties accessing an instrument. We will consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

  • Q: What can I expect during the face-to-face audition?

    • A: Interested Applicants will be expected to:

    • 1. Play a solo unaccompanied work of their choice

    • 2. Perform some Orchestral Excerpts

  • Q: What Audition Excerpts will be tested for the face-to-face Audition?

    • A: You can find the list of Audition Excerpts here.

For further queries, do write in to enquiries@orchestra.sg.