16 and 17 JUNE 2017, 7:30pm (16th), 5PM (17th) 
ESPLANADE Concert Hall


Chan Tze Law conductor
Darius Lim chorusmaster
Caitlin Hulcup Hansel
Felicitas Fuchs Gretel
Fiona Campbell Gertrud & Gingerbread Witch
Warwick Fyfe Peter
Evangeline Ng Sleep Fairy
Rachel Lim Dew Fairy

The forest is dark, and the trees cast a menacing shadow over the clearing in front…

The smell of gingerbread wafts through the air…

How could any lost and hungry child resist?

Follow Hansel and Gretel on their (mis)adventure into the Ilsenstein forest, where they stumble upon the enchanting, edible house of the Gingerbread Witch, where there is more than what meets the eye…

From saccharine moments of breathtaking beauty to hair-raisers, and bloodcurdling chills evoking the haunted forest, Hansel and Gretel is one of the great romantic operas to be experienced live.

The orchestra is joined by an international cast of singers in this concert performance that marries theatrical and musical magic. Charmingly accessible yet sophisticatedly scored, “Hansel and Gretel” promises to be an unforgettable and fun-filled performance that will delight all, young and old!